About Us


Wyoming Diving is the premier diving club in Southeast Wyoming. Located in Laramie, and with access to three different pools and the best dry-land gym in the state, we strive to help athletes become passionate about the sport of diving and responsible members of the community and society.



We have a skilled staff that include accolades such as international expereience, current and former colegiate experience, as well as high school and youth instruction. Fun and safety are at the core of every practice. What are you waiting for? Try diving today!


Practice Calendar

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USA Diving Club

The first thing you will need is an USA Diving membership. This membership will help protect you child in the unlikely event that he or she is injured. Make sure you sign up for the competitive blue membership.

USA Diving Membership can be obtained here.
Make sure you select "Rocky Mountain Diving Association", then you will be able to select "Wyoming Diving" as your club!

This membership is an annual membership so it only has to be purchased once a year! It provides and extra layer of insurance protection for your diver while he or she practices. 

This membership lasts from September 1 to August 31 of each year. Divers without their USA Diving membership will not be allowed to participate in clinics/camps/lessons.

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