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Wyoming Diving Summer Series


To promote year round diving for divers in Wyoming and the surrounding areas. And increase knowledge of the sport through interactive learning. Participation in any/all events is not required, but definitely encouraged.



Competition – May 20th

Registration Deadline: May 13th 


Competition – June 3rd

Registration Deadline: May 27th 


Competition – June 17th

Registration Deadline: June 16th



You may participate in as many/few events as you would like.
Cost for competition: $25 per event.


USA Diving Meet

In order to compete in these events, you must be a member of USA Diving. Please go to and sign up for a "Competitive Blue" Membership. 
Make sure you select "Rocky Mountain Association", then you will be able to select "Wyoming Diving" as your club!
After completing you USA Diving membership, you can then register for each respective meet online at If you do not have a profile, you must set one up by going to . If you plan on only attending the diving meets, you do not need to register on, only on and USADiving
In order to register for the clinics, you must also be a member of USA Diving. To pay, please go click the "Registration" tab in the main menu. When selecting a group, please select the "Summer Series" Group. Then follow the on screen prompts to continue to the summer series.

What event should I sign up for?

The summer series is designed so that EVERYONE can compete, even if it is your first day! For example a diver can do Front Jump Straight(100A), Front Jump Tuck(100C) , Front Jump Pike(100B), Back Jump Straight(200A), Back Jump Tuck(200C) and Front Standing Fall-In/Entry (001A).
Please read the Future Champions Competition page, to help you decide what level you should compete in and what dives you can compete.
If you need help with the dive numbers, there is a list of the dive numbers and all of the descriptions, which can be found here:
We are also offering standard High School Events with 6 and 11 dive formats. The only catch is that for USA Diving, vols are done in the beginning of the list, as the first 5 dives.
When you sign up for the meet on, there will be boxes for you to enter in which dives you want to compete. If you need help please don't hesitate to email or call 307.223.2213.


Sample Competition Schedule

10:00a - Meet Warmup

12:00p - Meet Starts


Awards & Points

Awards and Points will be given to the top 3 finishers in each event.  The top point earners in each event will be recognized at the end of the series.


Events Offered

Boys/Men 6 and 11 dives, no DD limit

Girls/Women 6 and 11 dives, no DD limit

Future Champions

Point System

1st 10 Points
2nd 8 Points
3rd 7 Points
4th 5 Points
5th 4 Points
6th 3 Points
7th 2 Points
8th 1 Point

Competition Guidelines




Future Champions

See Future Champions page for guidelines

See Future Champions page for guidelines

Vol. List (Competed before 6 Dive Optional List)

9.0 Standard USA Diving Vol. Guidelines

9.5 Standard USA Diving Vol. Guidelines


6 Dives – No DD limit

All groups must be represented

6 Dives – No DD limit

All groups must be represented


6 Dives – No DD limit

All groups must be represented

6 Dives – No DD limit

All groups must be represented